Spring 2023 seminar series

All seminars take place online. All times given are local London time.

23 February | 16.00 | Daniel Laurison (Swarthmore College)   

Join us for this seminar with Daniel on his book Producing Politics: Inside the exclusive world of campaigns where the Privileged Few Shape Politics for the All of Us (2022). Register here

30 March  | 15.30 | Muriel Darmon (EHESS) 

Our seminar with Muriel on her new book Fixing Brains: A Sociology of Losses and Recoveries After Strokes (2021) is canceled.

27 April  | 16.00 | Adrian Scholz Alvarado (University of Osnabrück) 

Join us for this seminar with Adrian on his research about Bourdieu and class analysis in Mexico. Register here

25 May | 16.00 | Kalwant Bhopal (University of Birmingham) and Martin Myers (University of Nottingham)

Join us for this seminar with Kalwant and Martin on their new book: Elite Universities and the Making of Privilege Exploring Race and Class in Global Educational Economies (2023). Register here

29 June | 16.00 | Yuan Zeng (University of Leeds)

Join us for this seminar with Yuan on her book Reporting China on the Rise: Habitus and Prisms of China Correspondents (2019). Register here

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